High pressure car washer in India – Top 3

Cleaning car and bike at home is easier than ever. High pressure car washer in India is easily available now. Top 3 pressure washers.

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High pressure car washer in India – Top 3

In India, cars and bikes are very special for families as they collect money for a long to get their desired car and bike. So it becomes a necessity for the proper cleaning of the vehicle. Taking the vehicle outside for a wash is very consuming and charges are high. With a High pressure car washer, you can clean the car and bike with ease. We have selected the 4 best washers based on the reviews, pricing, and after-sales service. These 4 washers are the bosch aquatak 125 1500 watt high pressure washer, STARQ W3A HIGH Pressure Washer, Inalsa High Pressure Washer PowerShot-1600W, and Karcher K1 100. Detailed information is provided below.

High Pressure washer name Pressure Price Details
Bosch Aquatak 125 bars
STARQ W3A 150 bars
Inalsa Powershot 135 bars
Karcher K1 100 bars

Which power washer is right for you?

Power washers come in various capacities based on motor power and output. Choosing the right washer is very easy. Based on the usage, you can choose the right pressure washer.

Bosch aquatak 125 1500 watt high pressure washer

Bosch makes one of the best high pressure car washer in India. Let’s discuss its features. It has more cleaning performance as it comes with New 3 in 1 nozzle including a fan jet, roto, and pencil jet. This washer comes with high pressure foam. It is easier to move and store as it comes with a folding and telescopic handle, and larger wheels for easy moving.

This has a 3-cylinder pump that supports an inlet water temperature of 40 °C and a self-priming capability of 0.5 m. This pump is quieter than most of its peers. The operating power is 1500 watts and it generates a pressure of 125 bars.

It includes a pressure washer, hose pipe (5m), 2 nozzles and a pressure gun.

Technical specifications

Motor power 1500 W
Max. pressure 125 bar
Max. flow rate 360 l/h
Inlet water temperature 40 °C
Self priming capability 0.5 m
Detergent system High pressure foam
Motor type Series
Pump type 3 cylinder

STARQ W3A HIGH Pressure Washer 2100 WATTS 150 BAR with AUTO Start Stop

With maximum positive reviews, this machine is definitely among the Top 3 high pressure car washer in India. It comes with 2100 watts heavy-duty copper winding motor.


  • 2100 Watts Heavy duty Induction Copper winding motor and Enclosed body for protection
  • Long service life: sturdy and reliable, crankshaft-driven brass pump with ceramic-coated pistons.
  • Motor type: Induction
  • Versatile: Self-Priming and Auto stop function to pump water from buckets or storage tanks
  • Low-noise operation: autostop technology switches the motor and pump off automatically when the trigger is released
  • Venturi system, AutoStop, Self-intake function, Pressure gauge, Variably adjustable fan spray lance, Water filter
Motor power 2100 W
Max. pressure 150 bar
Max. flow rate 390 l/h
Inlet water temperature 40 °C
Self priming capability 0.5 m
Detergent system High pressure foam
Motor type Series
Pump type 3 cylinder

Inalsa High Pressure Washer PowerShot-1600W|100% Pure Copper Motor

This high pressure car washer is made in India. It comes with a 1-year warranty. It has a 1600 W powerful motor that generates up to 1958 PSI with a 408 l/h max flow rate to provide maximum cleaning power with a working radius of 11 Meters for cleaning Homes, Buildings, Cars, Decks, Driveways & Patios.

The Inalsa PowerShot 1600 W Pressure Washer is covered in full domestic warranty against any manufacturing defect for a period of 1 Year from the date of purchase.

PowerShot 1600 comes equipped with Built-In Storage Compartments for all accessories along with Power Cord Storage to keep it tangle-free and Easy Carry Handle along with wheels for ease of movement.

Aluminium Pump & Metal Gears ensure greater reliability along with Self Priming Feature which enables you to draw water from any open water source or container. The Pressure Washer comes equipped with Water Inlet Adaptor along with Anti Impurity Filter.

Technical Specifications

Motor power 1600 W
Max. pressure 135 bar
Max. flow rate 408 l/h
Inlet water temperature 40 °C
Self priming capability 0.5 m
Detergent system High pressure foam
Motor type Series
Pump type 3 cylinder

We hope BuyGuide made it easier for you to choose your desired high-pressure car washer. If you have any concerns, please leave a comment.

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